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Herbal Starter Kit by Herbal Academy
  ON October 03,2017

Introducing the Herbal Starter Kit

Are you eager to get some hands-on experience with herbs but are not quite sure where to begin? Have you devoured all the herbal books within your reach and want to put that knowledge into practice? Are you ready to invest some hard-earned money but want to make sure you get the most useful staples…

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Our Materia Medica Short Course Is Back! | Herbal Academy | Our Materia Medica Short Course is back for a limited time. Learn more about it and how it can help advance your herbal studies today!
  ON May 24,2017

Our Materia Medica Short Course Is Back!

There have been a lot of requests for the Materia Medica Short Course from folks who missed the 2017 Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle so we’ve decided, as a special summer offering, to release the course for a limited time. Class will be offered through June 20th, and you can get access now by…

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Herbal Myths, Lore, and Legends | Herbal Academy | Here's an introduction to some of our favorite herbal myths, lore, and legends. Learn the legends of 7 herbs from cultures around the world!
  ON May 19,2017

Herbal Myths, Lore, And Legends: Lady’s Mantle, Mint, Fennel, Mandrake, Elder, Thistle, and Belladonna

Every culture offers myths, legends, and folklore to justify some event, instruct us on proper behavior, or issue horrible warnings if a person breaks the rules of proper behavior. Myths are generally about the gods, e.g., Zeus, and are usually a symbolic account of what happened rather than factual. Folklore sometimes has mythical creatures like…

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How to Make and Use Rose Infused Honey | Herbal Academy | Roses offer extraordinary benefits to the body and spirit. Here's how to make and use rose infused honey for your good health!
  ON February 01,2017

How To Make and Use Rose Infused Honey

Tranquility, love, and contentment are some of the emotions triggered when inhaling the beautiful aroma of the humble rose. For thousands of years, roses have been powerful symbols associated with love and beauty. Not only are roses an elegant way to say “I love you,” but they offer extraordinary health benefits, both for our bodies…

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  ON January 30,2017

Free Pages for your Materia Medica

If the concept of creating a materia medica is somewhat new for you, we welcome you to learn more on the blog with our post What is a Materia Medica? The Herbal Academy materia medica is compiled in The Herbarium, our online plant monograph database. If you’re already a member of The Herbarium, you are…

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