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Little-Known Ways To Use Lovage | Herbal Academy | Join us as we explore some of the little-known ways to use lovage!
  ON June 28,2017

Little-Known Ways To Use Lovage

If we were to walk back in time and enter a medieval medicinal or kitchen garden, in the back we would surely find a relatively unknown plant today—lovage. Unlike many herbs, lovage may have begun its journey with humans as a therapeutic plant and evolved into the culinary plant too few of us enjoy today….

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Sweet Violets of Spring | Herbal Academy | These flowers are the perfect pick for spring gatherers. From using them in food to pressing them for note cards, we have some inspirational ideas for using and enjoying the violets of spring!
  ON April 10,2017

Sweet Violets of Spring

I’m sitting here, looking out the office window over the snow-covered hills and sniffing a wee bottle of violet leaf absolute that arrived a couple months ago in an extravagant birthday basket. It is hard to describe, but Marge Clark of Nature’s Gift has this to say about it: “Intensely green initially, this absolute has…

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How To Support A Broken Heart With Herbs | Herbal Academy | Support a broken heart with these herbs that calm, uplift, and nourish the body!
  ON February 15,2017

How To Support A Broken Heart With Herbs

Heartbreak spares no one. Sooner or later, we all get to know that particular emotion which, for us, might show up as sadness and despair, or anger, or numbness. Our heartbreak might show up in the body as sleeplessness, a lack of concentration and focus, diminished appetite, or even physical pain. Our herbal forebears were…

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Sage Throughout the Ages | Herbal Academy | Come learn about sage throughout the ages including how modern day herbalists and herbalists of the past used it for health and healing.
  ON September 26,2016

Sage Throughout The Ages

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sage? Food? Medicine? For many, sage is known as a medicinal herb that elicits feelings of warmth and comfort. Its medicinal properties can also lower cholesterol, rebuild vitality and strength that has been lost during an illness, and is a tonic…

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Approaching Inflammation and Chronic Pain Through Diet and Herbs | Herbal Academy | In this article we will explore the subject of inflammation and chronic pain and how diet and herbs can address these issues.
  ON September 16,2016

Approaching Inflammation and Chronic Pain Through Diet and Herbs

As we discussed in Herbs and the Chronic Pain Puzzle, sometimes inflammation and chronic pain are interrelated. In this article, we will explore more about the connections between diet, herbs, inflammation, and chronic pain and how herbs can be incorporated into a wellness plan that addresses these connections. At the heart of the matter is…

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