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The Intermediate Online Herbal Course is an Apprenticeship for Distant Learners. Enroll now!

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Because they work gently and effectively.

Because you can grow many yourselves, right outside your front door or even in your kitchen.

Because it’s our birthright to use the gifts of nature with respect and wisdom.

Because up until relatively recently, at least in the western world, herbs were an integral part of taking care of ourselves.
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Health doesn’t come from plastic bottles. Vitality grows naturally from the way you live your life. Deep down, people already know this. Here at the Herbal Academy, we believe that a holistic herbal-based approach to health is making its way back into the mainstream, right where it belongs.

If you want to learn more about herbs as medicine and as food, and if you’re just too busy to enroll in an in-person program, join us for a comprehensive and convenient online herbal course you can complete anywhere and anytime—right on your laptop! Learn what your great ancestors knew about the natural world and begin to build your own Materia medica and apothecary. We’ll show you how and tell you why.

The Intermediate Herbal Course is your online doorway into the wild and wonderful world of plant medicine.

Join us as we traverse this very arena and take advantage of the following:

  • Printable Intermediate Herbal Certification upon completion
  • 10 outstanding units
  • 40 in-depth lessons
  • Over 100 herbal recipes
  • Interactive ebooks
  • Printable handouts and charts
  • Videos throughout every unit
  • Online forums open for discussion and questions
  • Quizzes!
  • Easy access to a team of herbalists and medical professionals
  • A community of herbalists on the same path towards wellness

This program isn’t going anywhere! The entire course will be available as a printable PDF for you to keep and refer to in the future. Print every lesson, recipe, and handout for your continued use, or log back into the program to reference your studies. We’ll be active in the online herbal program, guiding you along the way.

A Collaborated Effort

We’ve brought together formally educated and experienced clinical herbalists and medical professionals who love sharing their passion for plants and people, to teach this 10-Unit comprehensive, multi-media learning experience. Our well-rounded, seasoned team has worked together to bring you a program that covers every angle!

Meet the teachers and course development team:

Marlene Adelmann – Founder/Director and Course Advisor
Annie Hall – Course Development Coordinator
Angie Barger – Clinical Herbalist
Lisa Weiss – Clinical Herbalist
Emma Merritt – Clinical Herbalist
Rebecca Dalgin – Clinical Herbalist
Soumya Ganapathy, MD
David Mitcheson, MD
Amber Meyers – Marketing Director
Quinn Sonia-Sergi & Christopher Walker – Technical Advisors
Grant Lacouture – Video Productions
Santalena Yakobowski – Communications Assistant

*Get to know the HANE team here.

As a team, it is our goal to educate and to promote sound, safe and ethical herbal practice. 



The Intermediate Herbal Course is intended for students with some herbal training (the Online Introductory Herbal Course, community herbal classes, workshops, self-study), but even if you’re new to herbalism, we’ll be reviewing some basic concepts in the first unit to set the foundation. The online herbal course will include intermediate topics such as safety and side effects; discussions about theory and energetics; in-depth coverage of physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation.

We will introduce many theories and works of some of today’s most revered herbalists such as Matthew Wood, David Hoffman, Christopher Hobbs, and others. We will also study many different ways herbalism has been practiced over the centuries and how in recent years we have begun to reclaim these traditions.

Intermediate Herbal Course - Herbal Academy of New England
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The Intermediate Herbal Course: 10 Unit Outline

Unit 1: Why Herbs And How They Work
History; Herbal Healing Philosophies; Homeostasis; Overview of Body Systems; Systems of Energetics, Actions and Constitutions; Medicine Making Review; Side Effects and Safety; Creating Formulations

Unit 2: Food is Medicine
Kitchen Cupboard Herbs; Vinegars; Oils; Honey; Edible and Medicinal Plants; Foraging; Wild crafting; Plant Savers; Gratitude and Ceremony

Unit 3: Digestive System
Alimentary System Overview; Digestive Health as Foundation of Health; Imbalances of the Digestive System and Herbal Remedies

Unit 4: Immune System
Building Immune Health; Prevention; Common Disharmonies; Creating a Materia Medica

Unit 5: Nervous System
The Central Nervous System; The Peripheral Nervous System; The Enteric Nervous System; Stress; Headaches; Sleep; Herbs

Unit 6: Cardiovascular
Anatomy of the Heart; Blood Pressure; Cholesterol; Heart Strong/Heart Health; Herbal Therapeutics; Diet; Glycosides; The Energetic Heart

Unit 7: The Liver
Anatomical Overview; Liver Health; Liver Imbalances; Herbal Treatments; Bitters

Unit 8: Respiratory
Breathing; Asthma; Lung Imbalances; Herbal Tonics; Natural Remedies

Unit 9: Urinary System
Kidney and Urinary Health; UTI; Herbs

Unit 10: Children
Common Discomforts; Formulas and Recipes; Which Herbs are Safe; Dosing

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While we recommend spending at least one month of serious study in each unit, students have the ability to work at their own pace towards certification. This program will remain open as we are building a community of support for those seeking a richer or more fulfilling lifestyle to learn about herbs.

Here at the Herbal Academy of New England we will keep the home fires burning and the doors open for our on-site classes but if you are one of our distant readers and friends, taking this online course will keep you well informed and in good company. Work on your herbal studies in front of your own home fire and we’ll be working right along with you.

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Testimonials of the Intermediate Herbal Course: 

I am studying herbalism to further my career. I am almost finished with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and there is very little information about herbs in the program. Out of 20 years of study, hands down, Herbal Academy of New England has taught me more about herbs in the first unit than all of the years of doing it on my own. This is the only course I have ever taken that I actually look forward to every day! I love it!

- Sandi, Student

“I am in love with the science behind it. I have searched the internet looking for a course that can take me in depth in plant parts and anatomy. I’m so happy I found you guys. The best part is even though it’s an online course, I don’t feel alone at all! You are there every step of the way. Thank you so much for that!”

– Nicole, Student

“This is truly a class for which I have been looking for years. I want to be spending all of my time currently working on it and wish I could forgo other things.”

- Honey, Student

I too am loving the course. It is exactly what I was looking for. Now, when one of my friends asks me a question I at least have this class as a reference. I am also learning a lot about making the recipes. One of my favorites so far is the Elderberry Syrup. I love the taste and drink it every day. It is also very helpful to be able to ask questions and have them answered quickly.

– Paula, Student

“I am so glad I made the decision to enroll in the Herbal Academy of New England’s Intermediate Herbal Course… This is far more than a “how to use this herb” course! There are specific dosing suggestions and many recipes to get you started. You will not be left hanging! I actually sent them an e-mail and told them they are not charging enough!Seriously, if I took this course and then had to recommend a retail price, I would put this course in the $800-$1000 range at least.”

- Lea, Owner of

“I’m really enjoying it! I just wish I could quit work and maybe send the family away for a few months so I could concentrate on just herbs!”

– Alicia, Student

“I’d love to have you learning along with me in this wonderful herbal course!”

– Kristi, Student and owner at The Mind to Homestead

For about 7 years my husband and I were looking for the right herbal school for us. We ended up traveling and researching on our own until we found the Herbal Academy of New England. I am literally blown away by how in depth their intermediate course is, as well as the very professional design savvy layout. I will enroll in every online course this school provides and hope to eventually visit it in person one day!
- EK Bradley, Holistic Families

* Read all our testimonials here.

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Ask yourself, what would I do with an herbal certification? If the answer is, I will reach out in some way to share this information, then you are in the right place. You can share all that you have learned here, with your family and friends. You can be the one to lead them to balanced health and vitality. Show others the way to use plant medicine. Teach, explore, preserve and honor this tradition. Food and herbs were the original medicine and they are just as relevant today as they were for our forebears. We are all innate healers but we must learn how to use this precious gift responsibly as well as intuitively. Let’s do this together, one lesson at a time.


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